Yo-Zuri Pins Minnow Magnet MR 70mm

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The Pins Minnow Magnet» Medium Runner is a floating/diving version that incorporates a durable polycarbonate lip to get down over the structure and in the strike zone. Use this lure when fish are up feeding in the shallows throughout the early mornings or late evenings in the summer months. With these actions and colour patterns, trout, redfin, bream, flathead, bass and the like will surely be ñhookedî on them.

The Pins Minnow Magnet» Medium Runner is made with the patented Yo-Zuri Magnetic Weight Transfer System». These little gems can cast very well for their size. They are perfectly suited for both stream and lake fishing. They come rigged with Round Bend Black Nickel treble hooks that allow for the jaw of bigger fish to get hooked.