Spotters Ava Sunglasses

Brand: Spotters

Product Code: Spotters-Ava-Black-Stone-1

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Available Options

  • Choice of gorgeous two-tone pearlescent brown or gloss black frame finish
  • Timeless feminine styling

True beauty is classic and timeless, and Ava is no exception.

The Design Philosophy

We were inspired by the timeless beauty and incomparable style of Ava Gardiner when designing this frame. We wanted to merge 21st Century technology and optics into a frame that was gracious and elegant. So we crafted slim temples with beautiful silver and gold branding, and created a lens shape that is classic and flattering. We have also incorporated full glare and peripheral protection with frame ergonomics custom crafted for ladies styling.


The Lens'

Photochromic Lens Options


  • World's darkest Photochromic Copper Crown Glass lens
  • Photochromic lens adjusts to your total environment
  • Increased colour contrast
  • Amazing depth perception
  • Perfect for high glare situations or if you're sensitive to bright light

Natural Range - Crown Glass


  • Dark tint blocks bright light and glare
  • Natural colour and depth perception