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The current X-Ship system provides light and powerful winding, by supporting both ends of the pinion gear with bearings. The new Stella SW employs an even more advanced system, called ‘Infinity Drive’. With the new system, the pinion gear inner does not make contact with the main shaft, as high-sliding bushing supports the main shaft. With this new structure, sliding resistance of the main shaft is drastically reduced. In addition to this, a special skidding coating on the main shaft helps to further reduce sliding resistance. InfinityDrive cuts handle rotation torque by about 30 per cent in comparison to the conventional system, and makes the reel more powerful. This enables anglers to wind more aggressively, even under heavy load. * Result of internal Shimano comparison test


The current X-Tough Drag’s epoch-making structure, in which the drag mechanism is positioned at the lower part of the spool, has delivered overwhelming drag performance and improved durability. But the new Stella SW employs a more advanced ‘Heat Sink Drag’, which stands up much better to heat. The ‘Heat Sink Panel’, where the heat generated by drag is released, stops any decrease in drag performance, due to thermal sagging, by around 50 per cent. The ‘Insulation Sheet’, which blocks heat transfer to the spool, prevents spool temperatures from increasing by around 30 per cent. The evolution of the new drag system is easier on the line and more stable than ever. As a result of a comparison test by Shimano. (MODELS: 10000, 14000)


X-Protect was developed for stopper bearing protection in the previous model and provided high level waterproofing. The new Stella SW employs X Protect for its line roller as well, and further improves its waterproofing performance. As well as the stopper bearing, the route water could pass through is blocked off by the sealing member, as shown in the figure below. It can withstand even high water pressure. The new structure protects bearings inside the line roller from the harsh saltwater environment, and bearing durability is ten times greater than conventional designs. As a result of comparison tests by Shimano


Description Mono Cap. (kg/m) Capacity DIA (mm/m) Capacity Power Pro (PE/m) Gear Ratio   Retrieve Per Crank (cm) Bearings Drag Power (Kg) Weight (g)
STLSW8000HGC STELLA SWC 8000 HG 7/215 0.37/275 (40/340) 5.6:1 107 13+1 25 625
STLSW8000PGC STELLA SWC 8000 PG 7/215 0.37/275 (40/340) 4.9:1 94 13+1 25 625
STLSW10000PGC STELLA SWC 10000 PG 9/201 0.40/300 (50/360) 4.9:1 102 13+1 25 670
STLSW14000XGC STELLA SWC 14000 XG 9/238 0.40/330 (60/315)  6.2:1 134 13+1 25 675

 PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION RRP MONO CAP. KG/M CAPACITY DIA MM/M CAPACITY POWER PRO (LB/YDS) PE/M GEAR RATIO RETRIEVE PER CRANK - CM BEARINGS DRAG POWER (kg) WEIGHT (g) STLSW4000XGC STELLA SWC 4000 XG $1,319.95 - 0.30/180 (10/200) 6.2:1 101 12+1 11 355 STLSW5000HGC STELLA SWC 5000 HG $1,399.95 - 0.37/150 (20/245) 5.7:1 97 13+1 13 420 STLSW5000XGC STELLA SWC 5000XG $1,399.95 - 0.37/150 (20/245) 6.2:1 105 13+1 13 420 STLSW6000PGC STELLA SWC 6000PG $1,399.95 - 0.37/190 (30/290) 4.6:1 83 13+1 13 425 STLSW6000HGC STELLA SWC 6000HG $1,399.95 - 0.37/190 (30/290) 5.7:1 103 13+1 13 425 STLSW6000XGC STELLA SWC 6000XG $1,399.95 - 0.37/190 (30/290) 6.2:1 112 13+1 13 425 STLSW8000HGC STELLA SWC 8000 HG $1,559.95 - 0.37/275 (40/340) 5.6.1 107 13+1 25 625 STLSW8000PGC STELLA SWC 8000 PG $1,559.95 - 0.37/275 (40/340) 4.9.1 94 13+1 25 625 STLSW10000PGC STELLA SWC 10000 PG $1,559.95 - 0.40/300 (50/360) 4.9.1 102 13+1 25 670 STLSW14000XGC STELLA SWC 14000 XG $1,559.95 - 0.40/330 (60/315) 6.2.1 134 13+1 25 675 STLSW18000HGC STELLA SWC 18000HG $1,699.95 - 052/310 (80/400) 5.7:1 129 13+1 28 875 STLSW2000PGC STELLA SWC 20000PG $1,699.95 - 0.52/350 (80/440) 4.4:1 104 13+1 28 885 STLSW30000C STELLA SWC 30000 $1,999.95 - 0.62/400 (100/570) 4.4:1 131 13+1 25 975


The 8000HG is the standard model that can be used for jigging, casting and other fishing situations such as live baiting. Infinity Drive is a new feature, which helps reduce rotational intertia by 20 per cent thanks to a more compact rotor and spool, in comparison to the conventional 8000. It’s easy to feel the improvement with just a single turn of handle! Furthermore, a 50g weight saving has considerably improved its handle-ability. The jig action can be modified to suit the fish and the prevailing conditions. Thanks to these improvements, the new generation 8000 is born.

The 8000PG is well suited to jigging, as it is tuned to be powerful through its low gear ratio. Like the 8000HG, a dramatic reduction in rotational inertia and weight savings has been achieved. An advantage of the 8000PG is that the low gear enables the angler to jig more precisely. Thanks to the advantage of Infinity Drive, this model excels at powerful winding. This is the ideal model for targeting fish in high pressure areas and situations where fish have their guard up.

With its enormous power, the 10000PG is suited to deep jigging for game species, especially extra large specimens. The newly equipped Infinity Drive and Heat Sink Drag enable you to hook, stop and turn big, powerful fish with even greater ease. The 10000PG is designed to cope with unexpected big fish encounters.

The 14000XG is the most popular model in Stella SW series, as it is suited to casting for species like kingfish, giant trevally and tuna. Thanks to newly developed Infinity Drive and the Heat Sink Drag, battling tough fish has become so much easier. The 14000XG can be used with many varied techniques when targeting exceptional fish.


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