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Length 170mm or 5.25 inches

Pakula Original Hothead Fluzi Lures gives you the best chance of bagging your price catch no matter the conditions. This tiny lure will never let you down, giving you the extra edge to continue when other fishermen are heading home empty handed.

Pakula Lures has time and again designed great lures for your fishing experience. Every product that the company produced has always risen to meet, and even surpass, the customer’s expectations.

Pakula Original Hothead Fluzi Lures is one of those baits that is the secret weapon on many a tournament boats. Tough small it packs plenty of punch! It comes in great patterns and colors, giving you more choices to suit your needs and preferences.

For great performance, Pakula Original Hothead Fluzi Lures it is best recommended to be used primarily for short positions more so in the short corner and short rigger positions. But works equally well in other postions

There is no rule of thumb when it comes to choosing the color of the lures. Mostly, it just goes with your likes and preferences. It is however recommended that if you will be using the Pakula Original Hothead Fluzi Lures to always choose brightly colored lures as they are more visible from a distance even in muddy waters.