Jackson Cyarl Blade

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The Jackson Cyarl Blade is a perfect representation of a “frog” and this is exactly why it is perfect when it comes to anglers wanting to fish Estuaries. The Blade is a sinking lure and many fish, like Trout, Bass, Ep and Bream will all love to have a go at this unique lure.

The Cyarl Blade is designed with one single hook in between the legs of the lure and this design is great because it helps create fewer snags when fishing both weed and rocky estuaries. Don’t get me wrong, this does not interfere when it comes to hooking fish as the hooks are designed specifically that when the fish bite, they are biting into the hooks and not the soft plastic.

In saying that, Jackson has created a very unique lure that is perfect when it comes to targeting many of those Estuary species like Bream, Perch and Trout.