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If the Jackson BOTTOM MAGIC was a sports person you’d have to say ‘it’s having a magnificent debut season and is well in-line to claim the rookie of the year honours.

The sinking lure from the innovative Jackson lure stable is providing plenty of excitement in this Spring of 2017 in both fresh and salt water.

The head is made of solid lead while the internally weighted body is solid resin. It is quite simply a remarkable structure in its detailed appearance and sharp life-like 3D action.

The life-like action can be achieved in a number of ways after allowing the Jackson Bottom Magic sink to the bottom.

From strong jerking movements to gentle consecutive actions this Jackson lure has achieved exciting results with the unique body roll and soft rattle coming into play.

Many strikes have occurred on the pause and drop following these actions as the lure sinks diagonally –  head first with the tail raised.

A whole range of fish react with instinctive fever. In fact, trout have been described as going crazy when scoping out the Bottom Magic.

MODEL No. Size Type Weight Hook
BOTTOM MAGIC 55mm sinking 5.3g #8(single)


55mm in length and weighing in a 5.3g this sinking lure is a load of fun. There is most certainly a deal you can do with the Jackson Bottom Magic lure as it appeals to a vast array of fish species. As with most lures, you’ve got to work it and that is where the challenge and reward lay.

The Jackson Bottom Magic lure comes in a great range of colours. Try one or try them all!