Hester Mad Minnow

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Made in Poland

model: Mad Minnow
type: hard

in/mm -or-


2   50
weight: 0.1 oz / 3 g
dive ft: 0.5~3


model: Mad Minnow
type: hard

in/mm -or-


2.75   70
weight: 5/16 oz / 8 g
dive ft: 1.5~5

The minute the Mad Minnow hits the water, it jumps to life. 
In addition to casting and retrieving the Mad Minnow, it can be left to float on the water surface or you can twitch or snap it up. Choose a rod with a soft tip for the shorter sizes.

A variety of fish species are attracted to the long body shape of the Mad Minnow. Each lure is created with care and before the lure reaches the packaging department, it first goes to the testing tank. There the lure waits in line to be tested by an experienced tester who adjusts each lure to be sure it runs true.

(HO = Holographic)