Hester Jerk Jointed 160mm

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The Jointed Jerk is a sinking lure and belongs in your tackle box right along side the Jerk Slider. This predator lure measures 6.5-in (160mm), so you will be going after good-size cod with this one.
Made in Poland

Use a common, strong downward jerking action while standing in the boat. Just use a series of jerks, while quickly retrieving the line. You may wish to test the lure first in clear water. This will help you to determine how frequently and how strong you need to jerk the bait. Keep the line tight to avoid slack after each jerk.

Troll the Jointed Jerk about 50 to 100 feet behind the boat. Just jerk the rod every few seconds.

perfect for Murray cod - indestructible, flexible plastic tail and jointed body -contains heavy rattles and a high-tech internal hologram reflection design. (Please note the length is measured back to the tip of the tail.)