Daiwa 18 EXIST LT

Brand: Daiwa

Product Code: Daiwa_18_EXIST_LT1000D-P

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Model Gear Ratio Weight (gm) Ball Bearings Drag Pressure (kg) Mono Line Capacity Braid Line Capacity
G LT1000D-P 4.9:1 150g 12/1 CRBB 5kg 8lb/100m PE1/180m
G LT2000D-P 4.9:1 155g 12/1 CRBB 5kg 8lb/150m PE1/260m
G LT2500-XH 6.2:1 180g 12/1 CRBB 10kg 8lb/100m PE1/190m
G LT2500D 5.2:1 180g 12/1 CRBB 10kg 12lb/150m PE1.5/230m
G LT3000-CXH 6.2:1 185g 12/1 CRBB 10kg 12lb/100m PE1.5/170m
G LT3000D-C 5.2:1 185g 12/1 CRBB 10kg 16lb/150m PE2/230m
G LT4000D-C 5.2:1 205g 12/1 CRBB 10kg 20lb/150m PE2.5/260m
G LT4000-CXH 6.2:1 205g 12/1 CRBB 10kg 14lb/130m PE2/170m

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