Daiwa Dr Minnow 7F

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The Dr Minnow 7f is one of the ultimate baitfish imitations available on the market today. Slim in profile and lifelike in looks with an action few lures can match it, the Dr Minnow is the ultimate when it comes to matching the hatch

This slim slight banana shaped minnow features a subtle rattle, thin profile bib and chemically sharpened hooks. Impoundment trout anglers down south in particular will flock to the Dr Minnow, with its subtle rattling presence, wild erratic action and slow floating nature making it ideal for twitchn’, rippin’ and pausing over shallow weedbeds, flats and bays.

Estuarine fish like Black bream, Estuary perch and flathead love few things more than a small minnow that slowly floats and hangs in front of their eyes, and the Dr Minnow is the most life-like temptation that they will have the pleasure of meeting and eating. Its erratic action allows it to be easily jerked and twitched, keeping it in the strike zone longer.


  • Floating
  • Chemically Sharpened Hooks
  • Rattle

Type: Floating
Length: 70mm
Weight: 4 gm
Depth:1 m