Series 13 - Episode 1: Mako on Fly - St Helens, TAS

Paul & the crew head to St Helens, Tasmania to chase Mako Sharks on fly.
A school of tuna under the boat, a Mako Shark appears and you won’t believe what happens next!!!!!

Tried & Tested: Instinct Pro Series Hooks

BoatSales Boating & Fishing Tip: Live Bait Tank

Fair Dinkum Details: Jailhouse Grill & Bar

Gear Featured: YGK Absorber Leader, Squidgy Bio-Tough Wriggler, Shimano Stradic FK,


AIRED: APRIL 1st 2018

Series 13 - Episode 2: GT's - Yeppoon, QLD

Paul & the This week we catch up with Ben Jones - AKA - "GT BUSTER" fishing out of QLD's Yeppoon area.

Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: YGK Absorber Flurocarbon & Leader

AIRED: APRIL 8th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 3: Chinnok Salmon - Lake Bullen Merri, VIC

If you have ever wanted to catch a chinook salmon without travelling overseas, then tune in to this weeks episode to see australias best chinook fishery!

Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Optia Pliers

AIRED: APRIL 15th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 4: GT's - Namotu Island, Fiji

IFISH heads to fishing Paradise this Sunday on ONE where they encounter some insane fishing off a little island called Namotu.......

Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Rapala Xplode Poppers

AIRED: APRIL 22nd 2018

Series 13 - Episode 5: Mulloway - Hawkesbury River, NSW

Mulloway have outsmarted the team before.

But this week Paul, and the man they call “Mulloway”, give it a crack on the Hawkesbury and the results are amazing!

Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Frichy Pliers

AIRED: APRIL 29th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 6: Australian Salmon - Western Port, VIC

 We're not mathematicians here at IFISH, but what we do know is Rapala lures + a football field of BIG Australian Salmon = a LOT of fun!

Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Instinct Performance Rigs

AIRED: MAY 6th 2018 

Series 13 - Episode 7: Carp on Fly - Wyangala Dam, NSW

Mud Marlin, Bogan Bonefish. Call them what you will, European Carp are a whole lot of fun when it comes to casting a fly. Amazing takes, line burning runs and some incredible site fishing…… and that is just the begininning.

Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Jackson Muscle Shot Lures

AIRED: MAY 13th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 8: Metre Barra on Handline - Daly River, NT

The Big Barra Battle goes down this Sunday at 5:30pm on ONE!
Where age and technique come into play on the famous Daly River!
Arms will be stretched, laughs will be had, rods will be bent, hearts will be broken and third umpires will be called upon - for an action packed barr-bonanza that is not to be missed!

Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Tiagra Hyper Game Line

AIRED: MAY 20th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 9: Marlin - Port Stephens, NSW

For your own safety, be sure you have a glass of water with you when
watching this episode. We don't want you to perspire during all the NON

Gear Featured:


AIRED: MAY 27th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 10: Mangrove Jack - The Kimberley, NT

Paul Worsteling "Few days fishing actually live up to their expectation, let alone exceed them"
Jet Worsteling "Best days fishing I've ever had and at the coolest spot"

Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Jarvis Walker Tactical Spin Reels

AIRED: JUNE 3rd 2018

Series 13 - Episode 11: Large Mouth Nannygai - Arafura Charters, NT

Charlotte Klose knows her way around a monster Barra (or two) up the deadliest creeks the NT has to offer - so how will she fair over 100 nautical miles out to sea? Pretty bloody well - that's HOW! Come along for a days fishing that some could only dream of!

Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Shimano Backbone Elite Game Rods

AIRED: JUNE 10th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 12: Mulloway - Botany Bay, NSW

Ever wondered why Captain Cook chose to first land on the southern banks of Botany Bay on Sunday 29th April 1770? Because the fishing is so hot, that's why! The fish were coming in so thick and fast the boys had to take a break...and catch some delicious crabs instead!

Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: VMC Saltwater Hooks

AIRED: JUNE 17th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 13: Australian Salmon - Port Lincoln, SA

Local knowledge is always best, so when young Archie from Port Lincoln told me we were gonna smash some BIG Australian Salmon off the beach - I knew I was in for one hell of a day!

Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Bluewater Saury Lures

AIRED: JUNE 24th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 14: Spanish Mackerel - Namotu Island, Fiji

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Down rigging big live baits, deep dropping for monsters of the deep and popping for those massive surface strikes - what more could Jet and I ask for!

Gear Featured: Shimano Saragosa SW

Tried & Tested: VMC Trebles

AIRED: JULY 1st 2018

Series 13 - Episode 15: Black Bream - Bemm River, VIC

Traditionally bream fishing is a game of bait and wait... well not if Franks around!

Local East Gippsland guru, Frank Milito, gives PW a lesson in using vibes for BIG Bemm River bream, that you really must see!

Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Shimano SLX Baitcaster & Rod

AIRED: JULY 15th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 16: Sailfish - Darwin, NT


Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Sea Dog Burley Bucket

AIRED: JULY 8th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 17: Barramundi, Horizontal Falls, WA

There is only one thing better than waking up in the remote pristine wilderness of the Kimberley - and that's fishing it!
Join the Worsteling tribe as they navigate their way through dense mangrove systems in search of the mighty BARRAMUNDI!
An episode not to be missed and an almighty strike you'll never forget!


Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Jarvis Walker Bullseye Baitcast Combo

AIRED: JULY 22nd 2018

Series 13 - Episode 18: Yellowtail Kingfish, Jervis Bay, NSW

"Catch the fresh bait, get the BIG fish!"
Join the team for a step by step lesson in down rigging fresh baits for big angry Kings!


Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: YGK Grand PE WX4 Braid, YGK OH Dragon Ultra PE WX8 Braid, YGK Jig Man Grand PE WX8 Braid.

AIRED: JULY 8th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 19: Barramundi, Daly River and Cullen Bay, NT

Can't decide whether you're a barra or blue water kinda person?
Well, put your worries behind you, because this week, we've got it all!


Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested:


AIRED: AUGUST 5th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 20: Mako Shark, St Helens, TAS

One has a shell and the other big teeth.
One swims the open oceans while the other crawls beneath.
One makes me lick my lips while the other has me scared.
I'd only get in the water with one - even If I was dared!


Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Shimano Catana Reels & Rods


AIRED: AUGUST 12th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 21: Ballarat, VIC & Nomatu Is. FIJI

From VIC to Fiji in just 30mins.

Gear Featured: Shimano Stradic FK 2500 Reel, Shimano IFISH 702 Nano 2-4kg Rod, 5lb Fins 40G Braid, Shimano Tiagra 50W LRSA, Cush It Butt Rest,

Tried & Tested: Arma Metal Lures


AIRED: AUGUST 19th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 22: Hawkesbury River, NSW

"There's an old saying that every pound of jewfish you catch, you need to spend at least one hour fishing for them"
This is true in most cases... unless you’re fishing with Wayne "Mulloway" Annetts!
Join me this Sunday for a very memorable days fishing on the mighty Hawkesbury River!


Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested:

AIRED: AUGUST 26th 2018

Series 13 - Episode 23: ATA Lodge, Alagnak River, Alaska

Have you ever dreamed of fishing somewhere so fish rich, that the thousands of fish create one big black mass?
Well come along to ATA Lodge in the remote Alaskan wilderness and get ready for.... The Black Hole!


Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested:


Series 13 - Episode 24: Wyangala Dam, New South Wales

Whether you want to troll lures for cod, collect your own live bait and target yellas, or battle huge mud marlin on small soft plastics - Wyangala Dam is the place to be.
Sit the family down, choose your method then get out there and give it a crack yourself - because this week’s episode is a LOT of fun!


Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested:


Series 13 - Episode 25: Daly River, Northern Territory

When I asked Shane Compain to pick the best day of the year for myself and the IFISH Team to come smack some serious barramundi - he did not disappoint!
Big fish, big laughs, one after the other - YEAH BABY!


Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Jarvis Walker Rovex Endurance reels


Series 13 - Episode 26: Hinchinbrook Region, Queensland

It's not often that you go fishing somewhere so picturesque, so pristine and so untouched that you seriously think to yourself "I wouldn't even care if I didn't get a bite"... but then you absolutely SMACK IT TOO!
Hinchinbrook, I'll be back!

Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Jarvis Walker Tactical Boat Combo


Series 13 - Episode 27: ATA Lodge, Alagnak River, Alaska

When Paul says he guarantee's you won't be disappointed, he ain't lying!

Landing monster mutilated hook-jaw zombie chum salmon on fly, while bears patrol the banks, fishing around you. It's gotta be seen to be believed!

Tune in for a truly mind blowing Alaskan episode this week on ONE! 

Gear Featured:

Tried & Tested: Jarvis Walker Quantum Throttle reels


Series 13 - Episode 28: Alexandra, Victoria

Victoria has long been known for its capital city Melbourne, over the top hipsters, its AFL football religion and of course its outrageous organic avocado soy chai fair trade pumpkin spiced coriander vegan latte!

But 12 pound rainbow trout one after the other? Ahhh....WHAT!

This week’s episode will have you pinching yourself, as we show you, a step-by-step guide on how you too can conquer double digit pound trout only 2 hours from Melbourne’s CBD!


Gear Featured: Optia Floating Net, Fuze Hammerhead Jig Heads

Tried & Tested: Jarvis Walker Lure Bags


Series 13 - Episode 29: Cullen Bay, Northern Territory

When life gives you lemons - make lemonade.
When life gets you down - get back up.
When life gives you dead flat seas, 40 degree heat, a sounder lit up like a Christmas tree and 1 hour left of fishing - make great TV!
Fish will be coming in thick and fast!
Watch this episode and put it down on your FISHING bucket list because EVERYONE should experience this level of fishing INSANITY and this much FUN!

Gear Featured: Shimano Saragosa

Tried & Tested: Optia Lights Range

AIRED: OCTOBER 14th 2018


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