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Strada Black Heart Diving Minnow Lure - 70mm 5g
The Strada Black Heart Diving Minnow is a tried and tested fish catching machine. Paired with Shinto treble...
Shinto 6038 Baitholder 25pk
SHINTO has developed a new super sharp hook in which they shave back the point creating a Spear...
Squid Jig Starter Bundle - A Jig For Every Situation (5 Jigs)
Bundle Includes x1 ODORI - White/Pearl 3.0 x1 IKA - Rainbow Pink 3.0 x1 IKA - Red Tiger 3.0...
Tackle Rat Combo
Perfect setup for the young fisherman!  Available in Pink or Blue
IFISH Series 8 - Part 1&2 DVDs
Catch all the latest in Part 1 and 2 of IFISH Series 8 Part 1: Episode 2 -...
Squid Jig Starter Bundle - Incl 8 Jigs in Hard Case
Bundle Includes Hard squid jig case (holds up to 14 jigs) x2 Odori squid jigs size 3.5 x2...
Rovex Specialist Egi & Shimano AX 2500 Squid Combo
The perfect starter squid combo. Includes: Rovex Specialist Squid Egi Rod Shimano AX 2500 Spin Reel x5 Squid...
Jarvis Walker Powereel Spinning Reel
The four Powereel models make reel selection easy. They've got a graphite body and rotor, brass pinion gear,...
Instinct Tech Line
Techline monofilament (300m) is a new formulation that produces a supple line with limited memory. The technical advances...
Strada Viral Topwater Floating Lure
The Strada Viral is a floating top water pencil style lure perfect for chasing perch, bream, bass and...
Paul Worsteling 2 Book Bundle
Bundle includes Paul's "1001 Fishing Tips Book" AND "The Fisherman's Bucket List".
Shimano Sentire Stream Combo
Choose from either the Stream 6ft 1-3kg Sentire with 4 trout lures Stream combo is great for: Trout,...
Fuze Squidgies Soft Plastics Pack
Grab 2 packs of must have soft plastics (Fuze Doctor Paddle Tail & Fuze Triple Tail) PLUS 2...
Snapper Rigging Kit
Incl. 30lb Instinct Leader #2 Ball Sinkers SHINTO PRO 5/0 Octopus Hooks Instinct Lumo Beads
Big Cod Lure Starter Pack
This pack will help you get started chasing big cod. Pack includes. x1 Plano Waterproof Stowaway 3741 x1...
Strada Chaos Popper 45mm 4g Floating
The Strada Chaos top water popper is a must for every tackle box when chasing bream, perch, bass,...
Strada Dancer Top Water Pencil Lure
The Strada Dancer top water lure is a thick profile pencil lure armed with Shinto trebles and comes...
Great for rigging swordfish baits.
Bassman Spinnerbait Lake Eildon Pack
This Bassman Spinnerbait pack is ideal for Lake Eildon Murray cod. These particular spinnerbaits are perfect for the...
Watersnake Combat Bow Mount Motors
The Watersnake Combat Bow Mount Electric Motor gets your boat battle-ready for a fraction of the cost of...
Soft Plastics Starter Kit
Get yourself started using soft plastics with this kit. Kit Includes: x1 JW Large Waterproof Lure Box x3...
Bassman Spinnerbait Nagambie Pack
This Bassman Spinnerbait pack is ideal for Lake Mulwala Murray cod. These particular spinnerbaits are perfect for the water depths...
The Salty Fighter combo has been renovated to offer a ready to go solution for lure anglers. The...
Pier Fishing Squid Pack
Designed for our local Port Phillip Bay piers such as Mornington this pack has all the gear to...
Bassman Spinnerbait Lake Mulwala Pack
This Bassman Spinnerbait pack is ideal for Lake Mulwala Murray cod. These particular spinnerbaits are perfect for the water depths...
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