Shimano Casitas Baitcast Reel
The Casitas 150 has a gear ratio of 6.3:1, while the 150HG (High Gear), features a gear ratio...
The Catana has been revamped for 2022 with a new body design and cosmetic. This reel is designed...
Shimano Catana Egi Squid Combo
ROD: Shimano Catana Egi 762 REEL: Shimano Catana 3000
Shimano Catana FD Spin Reel
There are four reels in the re-launched Catana range, from 1000 to 4000 size, with the 2500, C3000,...
Shimano Catana Sienna Squid Ready Package
Catana 762ML Egi Rod with Sienna FG 2500 Reel & 5 IKA Squid Jigs (jigs will be selected at...
Shimano Catana Spin Rods (2018)
Sharp in quality and performance, just like the swords they were named after, the Shimano Catana series are...
Shimano Chronarch G Baitcast Reel
The Chronarch G comes fitted with Shimano’s X-Ship and Micromodule gearing to create a more efficient gear train....
The Coltsniper Rockdive 160F is Shimano's new long range diving stick bait, it's equipped with our AR-C centre...
A next generation in the world of light jigging is the Shimano Coltsniper Wonderfall. These jigs, which come...
Shimano Corporate Hoodie
Shimano clothing continues to provide functional yet comfortable fishing and casual wear. The Shimano Sunseeker Straw hat comes...
Shimano Curado DC Baitcast Reel
Built on the legacy of durability, dependability and versatility that Curado is known for, now with Shimano's unique...
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