The Shimano Sephia Egixile squid jigs are available now in the SS rattle. Established as a highly effective jig amongst Australian EGI...
Custom designed by Tackle World for local conditions. Perfect for small stream species such as Bream, Trout, Bass,...
Shimano 21 Sephia BB Squid Combo - Bonus braid
Pair the Shimano Sephia BB C3000 reel with the Sephia BB S86M rod and you have a match...
Shimano 2500 Spin Combo - IN STORE PICKUP ONLY
Rod: Shimano 2-4kg Graphite Spin Rod (Tackle World Exclusive)Reel: Shimano AX 2500 IN STORE PICKUP ONLY
Shimano 4000 Spin Combo
Rod: Shimano 3-6kg Graphite 6 foot Spin Rod (Tackle World Exclusive)Reel: Shimano Sienna XT 4000
Shimano 90 Mile Master Surf Rod 1603
Shimano Aerowave Graphite Surf Rods
The Aero Wave Graphite series utilises high modulus graphite blanks, with a unique Counter Weight Balance (CWB) system...
Shimano Anarchy OH Jig 501 PE5 Rod - Daily Deal
Shimano Anarchy OH Jig 501 PE5 Rod - Daily Deal
The Anthem SW series is a dedicated sportfishing series of rods that feature 12 purpose-built models for Australian...
Built on a fibreglass blank, you’ll find that all models are light and flexible, and with the integrated...
Shimano AX FB Spin Reel
Each model of the AX range features a stylish anodised spool, Dyna Balance and Varispeed Oscillation. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS...
Shimano Backbone Elite Rods
Of single-piece construction and 1.7m (5’ 7”) in length, the Backbone Elite blanks now utilise Shimano’s legendary TC3...
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