The Shimano Sephia Egixile squid jigs are available in the NEW standard BB range. The improved design now...
The Shimano Sephia Egixile squid jigs are available now in the SS rattle. Established as a highly effective jig amongst Australian EGI...
Custom designed by Tackle World for local conditions. Perfect for small stream species such as Bream, Trout, Bass,...
Shimano 21 Sephia BB Squid Combo - Bonus braid
Pair the Shimano Sephia BB C3000 reel with the Sephia BB S86M rod and you have a match...
Shimano 2500 Spin Combo - IN STORE PICKUP ONLY
Rod: Shimano 2-4kg Graphite Spin Rod (Tackle World Exclusive)Reel: Shimano AX 2500 IN STORE PICKUP ONLY
Shimano 4000 Spin Combo
Rod: Shimano 3-6kg Graphite 6 foot Spin Rod (Tackle World Exclusive)Reel: Shimano Sienna XT 4000
Shimano 90 Mile Master Surf Rod 1603
Shimano Aerowave Graphite Surf Rods
The Aero Wave Graphite series utilises high modulus graphite blanks, with a unique Counter Weight Balance (CWB) system...
Shimano Anarchy OH Jig 501 PE5 Rod - Daily Deal
Shimano Anarchy OH Jig 501 PE5 Rod - Daily Deal
The Anthem SW series is a dedicated sportfishing series of rods that feature 12 purpose-built models for Australian...
Built on a fibreglass blank, you’ll find that all models are light and flexible, and with the integrated...
Shimano AX FB Spin Reel
Each model of the AX range features a stylish anodised spool, Dyna Balance and Varispeed Oscillation. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS...
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