Tuna Kingy Whiting Essentials 2018

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Entice Lures Squirt

Resin Head, head colour matches skirt colour
Daiwa Monster Mesh

Daiwa Monster Mesh

The Monster Mesh Max series set the heavy duty jigging and offshore sport fishing scene on fire since their introduction two years ago. Since then they have built an enviable reputation for incredible strength and reliability. Built on the latest ultra slim carbon blank, the new Monster Mesh max series...

Shimano Coltsniper Rock Slide

From $24.99
The Coltsniper Rockslide 120S and 140S are Shimano's new sliding Stickbait, it is equipped with our AR-C centre of gravity movement casting system. The Rockslide lures flutter & slide on the fall, then when worked slowly or fast will swim or skip in a sliding action from side to side...

Midi Fish Chiller Bag

From $129.99 Sold Out
The Original Chiller Fish & Hunt Bags are designed to store your catch in a hygienic environment ensuring fresher, long lasting fish or meat. The Midi Plus 150(L)x55(H)x30(Base) The Midi 150(L)x40(H)x20(Base) This insulated bag can hold ice or ice slurry  Ideal for boats small or large or any hunting  Flared...


Vac & Seal System Includes bags 12 month warranty Keep your catch FRESH!

Stainless Steel Hook 1.4m Gaff

Made for Tackleworld, perfect for bringing in game fish so you don't lose them trying to lift the fish into the boat. Comes with long lasting metal hook protector.
Instinct XTS Leader - Supple Instinct XTS Leader - Supple

Instinct XTS Leader - Supple

Instinct XTS Leader has been designed for those anglers who require high knot strength, high crimp strength but still need a supple line for bait and lure presentation. Manufactured from a super co-polymer, Instinct XTS Leader is a true advancement in nylon mono leaders. It offers superiors strength relative to...

Hayabusa Live Bait Hooks

Sleek design, finished with a chemically sharpened, barbed tip and offset bend that is designed to more effectively snag and retain your prey as you reel them in. Hayabusa hooks are created from ultra-durable carbon steel and finished with a corrosion-resistant material that allows for reuse time and time again....


Keep your jigs organised Fantastic Quality Easy to Store

Shikisai Miy Yanagiba Slicing Knife

240mm Sashimi Slicing Knife

Whiting Torpedo Sinkers

From $0.99
Made to Tackleworld's requirements specifically for fishing Port Phillip Bay and Western Port. Available in 3 sizes.

Shinto Hiroi Light Circle

From $6.99
SHINTO has developed a new super sharp hook in which they shave back the point creating a Spear Point. The Spear Point is chemically cut using a new process that creates one of the sharpest hooks in the market place today. The Shinto Hiroi Light Circle is perfect for when...

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