Squid Jigs

Yamashita EGI OH LIVE 2019 Aussie Limited Colours
Global Color - Aussie Limited 2019 Warm Jacket - thermo storage cloth will transfer any light into heat...
The Yamashita LIVE SEARCH squid jigs feature a number of unique features but what sets this jig apart...
Harimitsu Sumizoku VE-77 Jyu Squid Jigs
■ Fixed SUS Eye & Slim Nose ■ Soft Body ■ Sensitive Sinker■ Straight Hook
Harimitsu Sumizoku VE-22 Clearance Squid Jigs
In terms of squid jigs, Harimitsu is a household name. It is a proven winner and has a...
Duel EZ-Q Finplus Rungun Squid Jigs
Feature packed jig with balancing wings and fins as well as a rattle and more.
Yamashita EGI OH LIVE
Warm Jacket - thermo storage cloth will transfer any light into heat for a more natural appeal. Tin...
LUMO SQUID JIGS AT GREAT PRICES! Lumo colours are all the rage among squid jiggers because they work!...
As a result of extensive research undertaken by eging pioneer Yamashita, it has been identified that squid recognise...
1.8 sized squid jigs designed by us for local Mornington Peninsula conditions.
Yo-Zuri Egi Aurie-Q RS
Yo-Zuri have innovated from the original Aurie Q squid jigs by incorporating a rolling shaft (RS) within the...
Majorcraft EGIZO Squid Jigs
Majorcraft EGIZO Squid Jigs
Clicks Pro Spec Squid Jigs - Rattle
Clicks Pro Spec Jigs in NEW Rattle design. Features:Vertical towing eye giving faster retrievesBody: Super tough ABS resin...
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