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Squidgies Fish Shaped Jig Heads - Clearance
Squidgies Fish Shaped Jig Heads
FUZE Prawn Head
The prawn head is a very realistic prawn/shrimp pattern with a difference, on the tail it has two...
Fuze Fin Bait Soft Plastics
Paddle tailed soft plastic with a body profile to mimic both the look and action of a baitfish....
Fogdog Premium Panko Breadcrumbs
The best, truly authentic Japanese style Panko breadcrumbs is now made in Australia by the same manufacturer, packed...
Dynamite Trout Nuggets
Dynamite Trout Nuggets Perfect for hatchery stocked fishg, assorted colours, designed for trout.
Berkley Squiddo Jig Orange Tiger
Squiddo is the next generation slow jig that combines slow movement with scent and action with the addition...
(actual colour may vary slightly due to camera and different device screen settings)The Squidgies Whip Bait really pushes...
Shimano Lucanus Jig
Shimano Lucanus Jig is an exciting approach to catching bottom species during the cold water season when fish...
Cultiva Mira Shad 50SP
These small 50mm suspending crank baits are deadly on the Bream and Bass.Each lure is fitted with two...
Hester Devil Sinking
DEVIL SINKER almost flat-profiled hard bait made of space-aged pea foam that features a spinner-like blade. Made in...
Hester Bomber Diver 50mm
BOMBER DIVER The squatty shape of this wobbler causes very intensive and aggressive action.  Dives down to 23ft....
Chasebaits Crusty Crab
The CRUSTY CRAB has been modeled on the common Shore Crab. It is perfectly balanced to always flip...
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