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Bomber 15A

You wonÕt catch many pros without a jerkbait rigged, no matter the season. ThatÕs because the minnow imitator is well known as one of the single most versatile baits. The Long A is the best of the best when it comes to replicating a life-like swimming action. With a tight...

Celta Spinner

When spinning rivers and lakes for trout, you cant go past a Celta spinner.

CID Iron Candy

From $11.99
Features a compact design for long distance casting. Works best with a medium to high speed retrieve. Sinks fast and has a strong side-to-side action. Can be fished from the shore or boat. Deadly for all game fish. SIZES: #1 (21g) #2 (47g)

CID Shiverstick 125mm

The Shiverstick 125 has a vibrating, shivering action when allowed to sink through the water column & a strong side-to-side action when twitched and retrieved. Perfect for shoregame or boat angling. Length: 125mm  Weight: 45g  Sinking

Clicks Pro Spec

From $24.99
Clicks Pro Spec are the latest in squid warfare. With unique carbon hooks containing ultra fine points, these jigs are truly amazing.

Cow Bell Rig

Simulating a school of fish, this trolling attractor is a classic design. A firm favourite in most southern Australian lakes. The Cow Bell's flashing blades attract Trout to your lure from a distance. When trolling the Ford Fender, use a length of around I metre of line to your lure,...

Cranka Crabs 50mm

In development since the 2012 AFTA this great little crab imitation that was set to be a killer on the Bream scene. with a length of 18mm across the shell and a natural slow sink rate and realistic features it is set to really reek havoc on bream right across...

Cranka Crabs 65mm

The CRANKA Crab is a unique, ‘World First’ Crab lure design that has been more than 10 years in development. The CRANKA Crab Treble Hook Model 65mm is 9.5 grams and is a Hard/Soft Hybrid design.
Daisy Chain - Tuna/Marlin Teaser

Daisy Chain - Tuna/Marlin Teaser

Hand made tuna teaser. Consists of 6 teaser floats, attractor bird and teaser skirt. Ideal for when targeting tuna and marlin.

Drop Weight Clip

A drop weight clip is designed to allow anglers to troll lures deeper than just flatlining. The drop weight clip can be added to the line with sinker weight attached and lowered to the required depth. Ideal when trolling for trout in deeper water, salmon, kingfish, tailor, mulloway etc

Ford Fender Rig

Probably the best known style of in line trolling attractor. The ford fender attracts fish from far and wide with it's flashing blades. When trolling the ford fender, use a length of around I metre of line to your lure, the Tassie Devil lure works particularly well with this method....

FUZE Bazza Bait

The Bazza Baits are crown in the range, a completely unique design for the Aussie market, a combination of realistic look and feel and action. Design concept by Tackle World’s very own Shane Compain the tail of this lure is where the secret lies, it’s a cracker and with 2...

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