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Asari pearl monofilament line 300m

Asari 'Pearl' is a premium monofilament fishing line manufactured to Asari's exacting standards using the highest quality Japanese co-polymer. Pearl is extremely resistant to abrasion, has very high knot strength, low to zero memory, fine diameter to breaking strain and is supple with great sensitivity. Pearl is easy to cast,...


From $39.99
This new super-thin 8 Carrier yellow braid from Dog Tooth is designed for superior knot strength, sensitivity and outstanding casting properties. The Teflon protection treatment on this line helps to keep it at its maximum performance level for longer. Available in: 150m spools - 6lb(0.06mm), 8lb(0.07mm), 10lb(0.08mm), 15lb(0.12mm), 20lb(0.14mm), 30lb(0.19mm)  300m spools -...

Dogtooth Fluidcast Braid

From $24.99
Smooth as a babies bottom Dogtooth FluidCast is a 4 carrier braid designed for superior knot strength, sensitivity and outstanding casting properties. Spool sizes: 150m - 6lb, 10lb,15lb, 20lb,and 30lb. 300m - 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, and 50lb.

Dogtooth Flurocarbon Leader

If you need a fast sinking line that is invisible underwater and of the highest possible quality Dogtooth Fluorocarbon is what you are looking for. This fluorocarbon line is absolute premium quality! It is 4x more abrasion resistant than common nylon monofilament. It has a very smooth surface, high strength...

Illusion Flurocarbon leader

Illusion Fluorocarbon is produced with all the properties that makes fluorocarbon such an ideal leader.

Illusion Monofilament

Illusion Monofilament combines all the balanced characteristics anglers expect from a versatile co-polymer line. You can fish with confidence with Illusion Monofilament.

Instinct 7 Strand Coated Wire

From $9.99
Instinct Wire has been designed for those anglers who require reliability, high crimp strength but still need a great bait and lure presentation. You can fish with confidence knowing that Instinct Wire has been tested under the toughest fighting conditions.

Instinct Tech Line

Techline monofilament (300m) is a new formulation that produces a supple line with limited memory. The technical advances in the co-polymer construction ensure the combination of: Low stretch High abrasion resistance Good knot strength Thin diameter Low visibility Green

INSTINCT XT Plus Leader - Tough

Instinct XTS Plus is one of the toughest leaders ever offered. The Super Bond Polymer Technology used in the construction of instinct XTS plus offers ten times higher abrasion resistance than most other leaders in the same diameter. High shock strength and a smooth outer surface makes Instinct XTS Plus...

Instinct XTS Flurocarbon leader

Instinct XTS Flurocarbon leader is a high tensile leader that retains extreme strength even during battle. With fluorocarbon properties nearing almost 100% invisibility when in water, fish won't see it. Instinct XTS also contains a high abrasion resistance making it one of the most popular fluorocarbon leaders available today.

Instinct XTS Leader - Supple

Instinct XTS Leader has been designed for those anglers who require high knot strength, high crimp strength but still need a supple line for bait and lure presentation. Manufactured from a super co-polymer, Instinct XTS Leader is a true advancement in nylon mono leaders. It offers superiors strength relative to...


From $18.99
Instinct Lexis is a super soft line that will remain soft even after extensive use. The unique blended polymer materials and treatments during production insures that Instinct Lexis is ideal for distance casting and bait presentation. For spinning and over head reels.

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