Single strand titanim leader is kink resistant and super flexible and comes four different strengths and length combinations....
Illusion Fluorocarbon is produced with all the properties that makes fluorocarbon such an ideal leader.
Instinct wind-on leaders are attached with a quick and super strong 'loop-to-loop' connection system. Wind-on leaders are fantastic...
If you need a fast sinking line that is invisible underwater and of the highest possible quality Dogtooth...
80lb Shock Leader - 30metres
YGK Nitlon DFC Flurocarbon Leader material
Nitlon DFC Fluoro Carbon 100% _ High abrasion resistance
If you need a fast sinking leader that is as close as possible to invisible, doesn't spook fish...
Made with Japanese co polymers for high abrasion resistance. Med/Hard mono leader with superior shock absorption.
With improved stretch capacity, this fluorocarbon leader is designed to prevent the line breaking when the fish strikes...
Instinct XTS Plus is one of the toughest leaders ever offered. The Super Bond Polymer Technology used in...
Instinct XTS Flurocarbon leader is a high tensile leader that retains extreme strength even during battle. With fluorocarbon...
Instinct XTS Leader has been designed for those anglers who require high knot strength, high crimp strength but...
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