JW Summer Sale 2019

Jarvis Walker Whiting Combo
Rovex Whiting Rod with Jarvis Walker Nexium Spin Reel
The Maritec Fillet glove is deisgned to minimize the rick of accidental injury when cleaning and filleting fish....
Everyone wants fishing easier to catch their favourite fish. Having the correct tackle at hand is so important....
A dog life jacket, a Woofer Dog Flotation Device is a must for any water going Aussie dog...
The search for heavy duty fishing braid is finally over. The Rovex D:8 Braid Fishing Line offers the...
Jarvis Walker Polyester with Rubber Fishing Gloves
Water resistant material, large pockets, reflective band & should strap.
Fish like an expert the easy way with our range of pre-tied, fish-specific rigs. Each rig has been...
Jarvis Walker Pro Knives provide fillet knives that perform with real value for money. Constructed from stainless steel,...
Rovex Exostrike Spinning Reels step-up the finesse game for light tackle sports fishing enthusiasts. These highly refined fishing...
This third generation of Rovex Big Boss Reels are bigger and better than ever. They flip the old...
2 sizes 2" or 1 1/2"
$79.00 $50.00
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