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FISHING MADE EASY! Take the guesswork out of rigging for your favourite fish with the Jarvis Walker range of Geoff Wilson's Rigs. Each rig has been developed with Australia's most respected knot and rig expert Geoff Wilson. All the rigs are ready-to-fish straight out of the packet and are popular...

Jarvis Walker Species Rigs

Easy to use pre-tied rigs for different species.

Jarvis Walker Teaser Squid Float

This Teaser Squider Float tapers from a bulbous top section to a thinner lower section. It is made of a dense foam and features a mirrored hard-plastic outer that is shaped to generate lots of fish-attracting flash. Your line runs top to bottom through a central tube and the float...


LUMO SQUID JIGS AT GREAT PRICES! Lumo colours are all the rage among squid jiggers because they work! Jarvis Walker Razorback Squid Jigs have four squid-attracting lumo colours in each of the size 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4 models. Razorback Squid Jigs are arguably the best value squid jigs...

Jarvis Walker Knife Sharpener with Suction

Safe and secure knife sharpener.

Jarvis Walker Bait Bucket

Keep you bait on hand and around your waist.

Jarvis Walker Angler Braid

From $12.49 Sold Out
Zero stretch, supple thin diametre.

Kids Combo - Jarvis Walker

$19.99 Sold Out
COMBO: Jarvis Walker 6’ Cyclone ComboCOLOUR: Red or White

Zenith 6' 2-4kg 2 Piece Combo

Jarvis Walker Zenith 6' 2-4kg 2 Piece Fishing Rod & Reel Combo Junior anglers and beginners alike will start their fishing adventures on the right foot with a Jarvis Walker Zenith Combo. The rod has comfy EVA grips and is matched with a ball-bearing drive reel spooled with line and...

Water Woofer Dog Life Jackets DFD

From $24.99
A dog life jacket, a Woofer Dog Flotation Device is a must for any water going Aussie dog owner. Strap on a Woofer Dog Flotation Device for dog safety on the water. Just because it’s mandatory in some places for humans to wear water safety gear, that doesn’t mean dogs...

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