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The Shadow Rap® combines a horizontal struggle with a vertical fade that perfectly mimics a minnow in trouble....
FUZE Prawn Head
The prawn head is a very realistic prawn/shrimp pattern with a difference, on the tail it has two...
FISHING MADE EASY! Take the guesswork out of rigging for your favourite fish with the Jarvis Walker range...
Easy to use float stoppers ideal for rigs used for mullet, garfish or squid.
Instinct Lumo Ball Sinkers
Instinct Lumo Sinkers have been coated with a soft lumo rubber to enhance attracting fish. Very effective when...
Shinto 6038 Baitholder 25pk
SHINTO has developed a new super sharp hook in which they shave back the point creating a Spear...
Fuze Seaducer Mullet Soft Plastic
The soft plastics are designed with an oversized tail so that a lot of tail action is created...
Squidgies Finesse Jig Heads
Heavy duty, extra sharp hooks with finesse style weights,.
2.4g Carp Dumpy Float
Cultiva Rip'n Minnow RM-70SP
Crank and twitch this tantalizing forage-size suspending bait to five-foot depths. Features reflective foil finish, and rigged with...
Clearance Squidgies Wriggler Soft Plastic
One of the three original Squidgy tail designs, our Wriggler is an important variation on the deadly but...
Cultiva Rip'n Minnow 65SP
These Japanese-made suspending hard bodies are the perfect lure for use in both fresh and saltwater estuaries. Their...
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