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Braid Tantrum Hammer Jig

The Unique design with a jewellery quality finish the central weighting gives it excellent hang time making the jig flash and flutter for extreme attraction. The Hammer has a central weight bias giving it a wider action at medium retrieve speeds and seductive flutter on the drop. These jigs also feature...

Maritec Braid Scissors

MARITEC products have been designed by fishing guides, pro staff and avid anglers who understand that the equipment they use must be equal to the task. In consultation with engineering experts the MARITEC range of products has been developed and will continue to evolve as we strive to deliver the...

Dogtooth Fluidcast Braid

From $24.99
Smooth as a babies bottom Dogtooth FluidCast is a 4 carrier braid designed for superior knot strength, sensitivity and outstanding casting properties. Spool sizes: 150m - 6lb, 10lb,15lb, 20lb,and 30lb. 300m - 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, and 50lb.

Shimano Kairiki PE Braid

From $34.99
Smooth, supple and sensitive — these keywords sum up Shimano’s new Kairiki SX 8 braid. An eight carrier Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) PE braid, its smooth finish means it creates less friction over rod guides when cast, and it slips through the water with reduced resistance and thrumming on the...
Shimano BITE MOTION Braid

Shimano BITE MOTION Braid

POWER PRO BITE MOTION IS, AS THE NAME SUGGESTS, A BITE DETECTING BRAIDED LINE! A concept and product developed by Team Power Pro for the light to medium tackle angler, it was found to be extremely effective with lure and bait fishing. Bite motion comes in a new high vis orange and...


From $39.99
This new super-thin 8 Carrier yellow braid from Dog Tooth is designed for superior knot strength, sensitivity and outstanding casting properties. The Teflon protection treatment on this line helps to keep it at its maximum performance level for longer. Available in: 150m spools - 6lb(0.06mm), 8lb(0.07mm), 10lb(0.08mm), 15lb(0.12mm), 20lb(0.14mm), 30lb(0.19mm)  300m spools -...

Fins Braid Spooled

This product is to be added to a reel purchase for the purpose of having that reel spooled with line prior to being shipped. Line is spooled with appropriate backing and spooled under pressure using our spooling machines to maximize line capacity.

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