Baitcaster Rods

The iconic Raider series – Shimano's most comprehensive rod range – has continuously lifted the benchmark for performance...
Shimano Maikuro II Rods
A favourite amongst anglers, the 2020 Maikuro series is the perfect all-round graphite rod series that represents great...
Abu Garcia Volatile Rods
The Abu Garcia Volatile rod series provides the next level of strength and sensitivity. Built from the famous...
Shimano Raider Rods
Over time, the Raider range has continued to grow as tackle and techniques have changed and new ones...
Shimano Sentire Sakana Gen 2 Rods
The Shimano Sentire Sakana Series Gen II Rod range are a light weight graphite rod to suit all...
Shimano Raider Travel Rods
Over time, the Raider Travel rods range has continued to grow as tackle and techniques have changed and...
Shimano Revolution Travel Rods
Shimano Revolution travel rods aren’t necessarily just for jet setters. In the car, on public transport, even people...
HSC blanks (High Strain Composite)Cork & EVA design with Skeletal Graphite reel seatFuji Fazlite guidesF65 Flex System provides,...
Shimano Squidgies Rods
Squidgy soft plastics changed the face of recreational fishing and now Shimano Australia has developed ten superb rods...
902 Shore Spin 5-10kg 9'0" 2 piece Line Weight: 5-10kg 662 Barra Spin 5-10kg 6'6" 2 piece Line Weight:...
Shimano XT Bandit 1%er Baitcast Rod 631 -  Med-Very Heavy
Shimano Jewel Swimbait Rod The Jewel Range is back with 5 purpose built spin models for Australian saltwater...
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